Preview: Top 10 Online Jewellery Stores in Australia

Preview: Top 10 Online Jewellery Stores in Australia

The first online jewellery store in Australia up for review is a little boutique design studio based in Melbourne, Australia – InVogue Design Jewellery.

InVogue Design Jewellery is a hidden gem which offers the latest jewellery designed & created in their studios. It is a challenge to keep up to date with the latest trends in jewellery making & new techniques used in creating jewellery. Since this is a fully customisable store, where they will work with you in creating a jewellery piece or alter their existing designs to suit your needs.

As you browse through the store and discover the breathtaking jewellery, you come to appreciate the quality of craftsmanship and to the biggest shock to the system, are the budget prices. From bridal jewellery to bracelets, necklaces, earrings, you’ll pretty much find all kinds of designer fashion jewellery. Do check out their modern jewellery and the diffuser section as well as the personalised jewellery.

For their jewellery making supplies, findings, gemstones and beads, they use Australia Beads to ensure the best quality & standards are adhered to.

Also check out how to care for your jewellery